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Endorsements with K4CO Radio are on-air, informative recommendations promoting a company or organization. Endorsements are delivered on-air by the K4CO Radio DJ’s or K4CO Radio guests.

Every business and organization is different and has different needs. We want to make sure our endorsements are tailored to your business and your particular needs.

Upon signing up for endorsements, K4CO employees will learn about your company or organization to better understand how we can accurately endorse it.

On-Air Happy Hours (Interviews)

Interviews on K4CO Radio are conducted with local business owners/representatives, organizations, musicians, or persons of interest. To set our station apart from standard corporate radio stations, K4CO Radio interviews include an on-air profile of our guest and their goals, as well as giving them their choice of music during the interview. You will spend time on air with one of our DJ’s for an in depth discussion about yourself and your passion. We will be able to play artists you choose in accordance with our licensing.


K4CO will provide 15 seconds of air time, three times a day for an agreed period of time. This is generally used for “be on the lookout” or “coming soon” messages, such as organized public events, public fairs, new small business openings, future projects, etc.

K4CO Radio will have an open-door policy when it comes to the public and our community, regarding our on-air content. We will always be willing to hear your feedback, whether on the phone, a walk-in to our location, or a pre-set appointment.